Struggling for Democratic Space in an Authoritanian System - The Case of the Palestinian West Bank After the Elections of 2006

16.05.2019 18:15

Vortrag (englisch) von Prof. Dr. Helga Baumgarten, Birzeit University
Uni Tübingen, Kupferbau (HS 22), Hölderlinstr. 5

Hopes for a democratic transformation of the Palestinian political system, established
under Israeli occupation in 1994, ran high. They broke down very quickly, not only as
a result of the continued occupation, but also because of the internal conflict
between the winner of the elections, Hamas, and the reluctant incumbent, Fatah.
This presentation will analyze the ongoing struggle for democratic space despite this
complex context. The focus will be on individual (and/or small group) efforts by
parliamentarians and members of political organizations, journalists, human rights
activists as well as lawyers and judges, actors on the level of local government,
school-teachers, and finally student activists.

Professor Dr. Helga Baumgarten studied in Tuebingen, New York, London, Beirut and
Goettingen and earned her PhD from the Free University of Berlin. She taught at AUB
Beirut, at the University of Goettingen and at FU Berlin. In 2004, she was a fellow at
the Austrian Institute for International Relations, Vienna. Presently, she teaches
Political Science at Birzeit University. She has broadly published (in German, English,
French and Arabic) on the Middle East conflict, on Palestinian Nationalism, on
Political Islam and on the problem of transformations in the Arab region. Her last
book in German is “Kampf um Palaestina: Was wollen Hamas und Fatah?” (Herder
Verlag 2014).