Greece - Humanity and Solidarity under Persecution

05.12.2019 20:00

Two weeks after the new government of New Democracy took the power,
unleashed the pre-election promised war against the anarchists and the
rest of the people who are still resisting against the monster of
neoliberalism and the social alienation. More than 30squats have been
already evacuated all over the country within the past few months and
the tactics the government and the police use, have nothing to do with a
democratic state. Special forces and heavily armed police officers
terrorize refugees and migrants - mostly families, single mothers and
unaccompanied kids - who found a shelter among the anarchists and a
place to stay inside empty buildings. In Exarchia, in the centre of
Athens, there are platoons of special forces in every corner almost five
months now who terrorize, attack and insult whoever they don't like. The
last four days there are police helicopters flying over the
neighbourhood and the cops who attack tell the people directly that they
have no rights, there is no democracy and they can do whatever they
want without any consequences.
This is the new reality in Greece and everybody has to know.

The talk with two activists from Greece will take place in the Lu-Hausbar,
Ludwigstraße 15 in Tübingen.